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Prism 6 for Windows and Mac


New analyses, new graph types, and much more. So upgrade now: Upgrade

Update to 6.05 or 6.0f

Windows: If you already use Prism 6.00/6.01/6.02/6.03/6.04, please update to 6.0.5. See the full list of changes.

Mac: If you already use Prism 6.0a/6.0b/6.0c/6.0d/6.0e, please update to 6.0f. See the full list of changes.

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Prism 6 User Guide

Questions about Prism? Look here first!

(Download the guide as a PDF file)

Free Prism Viewer

The Prism viewer is a free utility that allows people who do not own Prism to view files created by any version of Prism. This viewer lets you examine and print all parts of a Prism file – including data, analysis results and choices, notes, info constants and graphs – but does not allow you to make any revisions to the file. The viewer is free, will not expire, and is available for both Windows and Mac. Download the Prism Windows viewer, or the Prism Mac viewer.

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