How to Buy

We offer academic pricing to degree-granting institutions and nonprofit charities. Your licensing options depend on the product you are purchasing and the size of the group you would like to support.

  • Prism for one user

    We offer academic pricing to degree-granting institutions and nonprofit charities. If you are interested in buying one Prism license for your personal use, compare your options below.

        Personal non-expiring license
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      NEW: Personal subscription license
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    What are the terms of the license?   You may install the license on one primary computer. If you are the sole user of your primary computer, you may also install your license on a second computer, also for your exclusive use. You may use the license indefinitely, but upgrades to new versions are not included.   You may use the license for one year, starting from the date of purchase. Your license can be activated twice during the one year term. Any upgrades released during the term of your subscription are included free of charge.
    Is the license specific to Windows or Mac computers?   Yes. You must choose one or the other at the time of purchase. If you switch platforms at a later time, you may do so for an additional fee.   No. Your subscription will come with serial numbers for both Windows and Mac.
    May I share my license with my colleagues or students?   It depends. You may choose to allow others to access Prism on your primary computer, but if you do so, you forfeit the right to use Prism on a second computer.   No. A subscription license is for your exclusive personal use and may not be shared with anyone else.
    May I install my license on more than one computer at a time?   Not if anyone else (colleagues, labmates, students, etc.) uses the same Prism license at any time. However, if your child wants to use Prism on your home computer for their 5th grade science fair project, we won’t object!   Your license can be activated twice during your one year term. If you choose to activate on two computers immediately, this is allowed. However, once you have used both of your activations, you will not be able to install Prism again on any computer for any reason.
    What happens if I get a new computer?   If you replace your computer, write to us at with your serial number and we will be happy to send you a new download link.   If you have only activated your license once, you may use your second activation on your new computer.
    Can I transfer my license?   You may make a one-time transfer if you leave your position and wish to transfer the license to someone else in the lab. Write to us at and we can help with this.   No. A subscription license is the exclusive property of the person who purchased it. No one else may use the license.
    Can I resell my license?   Only authorized resellers are allowed to resell Prism.   Subscriptions may not be resold.
    Can I use a purchase order?   Yes. We accept purchase orders from most major institutions. If you add Prism to your cart, you will have the option to generate an official quote to give to your purchasing department.   No. Personal subscriptions must be purchased online with a Visa or MasterCard.
    How do I request a proforma invoice?   International customers can request a proforma invoice if their institution requires one. Simply add Prism to your cart, generate a official quote, then email us at with your quote number to receive your proforma invoice with payment instructions.   Personal subscriptions must be purchased online with a Visa or MasterCard.
    How will I get my software?   Download only.   Download only.
    Will I receive a CD?   You may purchase a CD for an additional fee, but there is no need for one.   No. There is no option to purchase a CD for a subscription license.
    How much does it cost?   US$450 for an academic user   US$150 per year for an academic user
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  • Prism for my lab or department

    Save money when purchasing Prism for your group - large or small! Choose either traditional, non-expiring, individual licenses or our new annual subscription licenses. Each alternative has its unique advantages.

    Prism Lab License

    A Prism Lab License is an annual subscription that allows you to install and activate Prism on a set number of computers in your group.
    You may install onto any combination of Windows and Mac computers without specifying in advance.

    Manage your group subscription from an online account, where you can download your software, designate who in your group is allowed to activate Prism, and monitor how many activations your group has used and how many are available.  Activations can't be uninstalled or transferred to another computer. We know that you'll need to replace computers and that lab members come and go, so we include an additional 30% grace activations with your subscription. This means that if you buy a licenses with 10 activations, you'll actually be allowed to install and activate onto 13 computers.

    When you renew your license, you'll receive new serial numbers and a fresh set of activations. You can provide these activations to the same users or to new ones - it is completely up to you.
    Individual non-expiring licenses

    As an alternative, you can take advantage of our volume pricing and purchase personal perpetual licenses for each member of your group. Each personal license is subject to the restrictions outlined here.

    Key Differences
        Individual non-expiring licenses   NEW: Prism lab license
    Cost   Higher upfront cost. No annual fees.   Significantly lower cost, charged annually.
    Upgrades   Upgrades are optional and may be purchased for an additional fee.   Upgrades are included during the term of your subscription.
    Platform specific   Windows and Mac versions are sold separately.   Windows and Mac versions included.
    License management   Each user receives a unique serial number that must be individually installed and activated on their computer. You will need to manage and track the serial numbers for your group.   Your subscription comes with 2 serial numbers - one for Windows and one for Mac. This simplifies installation and allows your IT staff to deploy Prism for your group using conventional IT tools.
    Pricing - Prism non-expiring licenses
    License(s) One time cost ($US)
    1 license $450
    2 – 4 licenses $375 each
    5 – 9 licenses $350 each
    10 – 24 licenses $325 each
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    Pricing - Prism Lab License
    Activation(s) Annual cost ($US)
    10 activations $1250
    25 activations $2500
    50 activations $3750
    100 activations $5000
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  • Prism for my entire institution

    An annual subscription site license is an economical way to provide Prism to your entire university.

    With a Prism university-wide subscription, all current faculty, staff, post-docs, and can use Prism on as many computers as necessary, including computers owned by the university, and personal computers. Home use is permitted. A Prism site license is an unlimited license, not simply a volume discount, and includes both the Windows and Macintosh versions of the program. A site license lets everyone at your university use Prism. Typically, the per-user cost is a fraction of the price of individual licenses.

    How it works

    To get their software, users can register online and we send them the group serial numbers (one for Windows and one for Macintosh), and download links to install the software. If you prefer, your university IT group can distribute the software to the individual users. The serial numbers allow the software to be used for one year from the start date of the license agreement. If, at the end of the term of the agreement, the university chooses to renew, we will provide new serial numbers to extend the use of the software. Use of the software for consulting, private business, or other activities not directly associated with the normal functions of the university is not permitted.

    Simple administration

    An annual site license is very easy to manage. You do not have keep any records. We do it for you! We can even distribute the software for you, if you would like us to. Your online site license account page lets you see exactly who is using Prism under your license. Your license includes one Windows and one Macintosh serial number that everyone uses. There is no need to track individual serial numbers.

    Free upgrades

    Any upgrades released during the term of the license agreement are included at no additional charge. Your users always have access to the most current version. Each user at their convenience can download and install any available update or upgrade.


    An annual site license is an economical way to provide Prism to your entire organization. You get unlimited use for a small fraction of what it would cost to purchase individual licenses. The site license fee is based on your institution's size and potential usage. Please contact us at for a customized quote.

  • InStat or StatMate

    We offer only non-expiring licenses for InStat and StatMate. Subscription licenses are not currently available. Note that the Mac versions of InStat and StatMate will not run on OS X Lion (10.7) or higher.

    Pricing for Academic and Non-Profit/Charity Licenses:
    Number of personal licenses InStat (US$) StatMate (US$)
    1 license $125 $75
    2 – 4 licenses $105 $65
    5 – 9 licenses $95 $60
    10 – 24 licenses $90 $55
    Upgrades $79 each from any version $45 each from any version
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