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Statistics Guide

A concise guide to doing statistical analyses with GraphPad Prism 8.

Curve Fitting Guide

A guide to fitting curves (and lines) with GraphPad Prism 8.

Prism 8 User Guide

Guided examples of common analyses to get you started.

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Support for older versions of Prism

Find user guides and step-by-step examples for older versions of Prism.

Prism 7

The latest version of Prism 7 is 7.05 (Windows) and 7.0e (Mac). Learn more

Prism 6

The latest version of Prism 6 is 6.0.7 (Windows) and 6.0h (Mac). Learn more

Prism 5 or earlier

Check to see if you have the most current version of your program:

Support for other GraphPad Software


The current versions for InStat is 3.10 Windows and 3.1a for Mac. Learn more


The current versions for StatMate Windows is 2.00 and Mac 2.0b.