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Script example 1. Repeatedly import data

Script example 1. Repeatedly import data

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Script example 1. Repeatedly import data

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This script analyzes a folder full of dose-response data stored as text files, perhaps from an instrument. It creates a single file that tabulates the logEC50 values along with the standard error and the R square of the fit.

Script command


SetPath “c:\data\june21\”

This sets the disk and directory to be used for the rest of the file.

OpenOutput results.txt

Create a file called results.txt to contain the output.

Table Text

Start a tab delimited text table in that file.

Open dr.pzfx

Open the Prism file dr.pzfx

 ForEach dr*.txt

Loop for all files that begin with dr, have the extension .txt, and are located in the disk and directory defined by the SetPath command.

 Goto D

Go to the data section, to the data table last visited.


Erase all data from the table.


Import the file defined by the ForEach statement into the first empty columns.

 WTable “File name”  %F

Write the file name into the  output file.

 Wtable “logEC50”, 5, 1

Write to the output table the value on the fifth row, first Y column (A), and label that column of the table “logEC50”.

 WTable “SE of logEC50”, 11, 1

Write the SE of the logEC50 (from the 11th row of results) into the next column.

 Wtable “R2”, 21, 1

Write the R2 value into the next column.


Loop back to the ForEach statement and read the next file. Exit loop if no more files.


Signal completion.