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Deleting user-defined equations

Every time you enter an equation, or edit an equation in a file you are working on, Prism adds that equation to your list of user-defined equations. Over time, this list can get too long to easily work with.

When working with the Fit tab of the nonlinear regression dialog, click on any user-defined equations, then click Delete or Delete All.

Don't hesitate to delete equations. It won't affect any files that use the equation you deleted. If you open one of these files, and change the parameters of the nonlinear regression, Prism will automatically add the equation back to your list. You can also import an equation from any Prism file onto your list of user-defined equations.

Changing the order of equations

Equations appear on the list in the order they were added. To change the order of equations in the list, select an equation and then click Move up or Move down. You can only change the order of user-defined equations, not the order of built-in equations.

Renaming an equation

The equation name helps you choose it in the future. It also appears on the analysis results. You are not stuck with the name you originally gave it. To rename an equation, select the equation, and then click Edit. Change the name and click OK.

Sending an equation to a colleague

The easiest way to send an equation to a colleague is to send a file that uses that equation. Ask your colleague to go to the results page, click the button in the upper left corner of the results table to bring up the Parameters: Nonlinear regression dialog. Then click OK. The equation will be appended to the list of user-defined equations.


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