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How to cite GraphPad Prism

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Citing Prism

When citing analyses performed by the program, include the name of the analysis, and Prism version number (including the second number after the decimal point). Use this example as a guide:

“One-way ANOVA followed by Dunnett’s multiple comparisons test was performed using GraphPad Prism version 10.0.0 for Windows, GraphPad Software, Boston, Massachusetts USA,”.

To find the full version number, pull down the Help menu (Windows) or the Prism menu (Mac OS X). Then choose About Prism.

It is more important to explain which analysis choices you made than which program you used. For example, it doesn’t really help to say you fit a curve with Prism if you don’t say which equation you selected, how you chose to weight data points, whether you fixed any parameters to constant values, etc.

Citing a page in the user's guide or an FAQ

Include the name of the page, the date you accessed it and the URL. Use this example as a guide:

"What you can conclude when two error bars overlap (or don't)?" GraphPad Software, Inc.  Accessed 5 November 2008.

Citing the QuickCalc free web calculator

Include the name of the calculator and the date you used it. Here is an example:

Confidence intervals of proportions were calculated using the GraphPad QuickCalcs Web site: (accessed November 2015).





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