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Hiding the X or Y axis. Or both. 

Prism lets you hide either the X- or the Y-axis and show scale bars instead.


To hide and axis and show a scale bar instead:


Double-click on an axis to open the Frame and Origin tab of the Format Axes dialog. Or click on the Format Axis tool in the Prism toolbar.


Choose to hide one or both axes in the Frame & Origin section. You can also choose to Show Scale Bars.



Scale bars

To show or hide the scale bar:

If you choose to hide either axis, a new option will appear in the Frames and axes section of the Format Axes dialog: Show Scale Bar. Check this option to see scale bars; uncheck to hide scale bars.The length of the scale bar equals one axis interval, set in the Regularly Spaced Ticks section of the Format Axes dialog.

To delete a scale bar:

Click on a scale bar to select it, and then press DEL to delete it.

To change the color or thickness of a scale bar:

Double-click the scale bar to bring up the Format Object dialog. Choose color and thickness in this dialog.

To remove the caps on the end of the scale bar:

By default the scale bars are capped. These are actually "arrowhead" styles. To change, double-click the scale bar to bring up the Format Object dialog. Then change the arrowhead settings.

To move a scale bar:

Drag with the mouse. Or click to select, and then nudge by clicking the arrow keys.

To label a scale bar:

Scale bars don't include any numbering. To create a label for a scale bar, click the text tool ("T" button), click near the scale bar, and type.

To change the length of the scale bar:

You can’t change the length of a scale bar by stretching it. Instead, bring up the Format Axes dialog and change the tick interval in the Regularly Spaced Ticks section.




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