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Select and transform multiple variable tables

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This analysis lets you make a new multiple variable table from an existing one. You can select just a portion of the table, and can do transforms to make new variables. You may then want to perform multiple regression (or show the correlation matrix) on the newly created table.

The dialog has three tabs.

Transform columns

On the top half, specify transforms of designated variables (columns), for example logarithm or reciprocal or change units. The results will be placed in new columns.

The bottom half of the tab lets you specify equations to generate new columns by combining two or more columns.

Select rows

Select rows in three ways:

A range of row numbers.

Rows where a value in a particular column is greater than (or less than, or equal to) a specified value.

Rows where the value in one column is greater than (less than) the value in another column.

If you enter choices in more than one of these sections, only rows that fit all the criteria you specied will appear in the new table.

Select columns (variables)

Choose which variables (columns) you want to include in the new table.


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