Activating your Prism Personal subscription after renewal

We recently updated how subscription renewals and free trial purchases work. You will no longer need to reactivate Prism with a new serial number and activation code every time you renew. Instead, your existing serial number will continue to work seamlessly as long as your subscription remains active.

In order for this to work properly, we require that all customers update to Prism version 7.05 (Windows), 7.0e (Mac) or newer.

You can make sure you are on the latest Prism version in two ways:

  • If you have not installed Prism previously: Please navigate to My Account and use the Windows or Mac installation links to download the installer.
  • If you have already installed Prism: Open Prism and, in the main menu, go to Help → "Check for Updates...". Prism will automatically check for the latest version.

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