Do any GraphPad programs peform multivariate statistical tests?

The term "multivariate" is used inconsistently.

The proper use is for tests that simultaneously assess several dependent (outcome) variables. None of our programs do this kind of multivariate analysis.

The other use, not quite correct but used commonly, is to describe tests or models that look at one dependent variable as a function of several independent variables. This is not the focus of either InStat or Prism, but these programs can do some analyses that might be called multivariate:

  • InStat can perform multiple linear regression, albeit without any variable selection.
  • Prism can perform two-way ANOVA (looking at one outcome variable as a function of two grouping variables).
  • Prism 4 and later can perform nonlinear regression with two independent variables (in some cases; see this example).
  • Prism 4 and later can compare the slopes and intercepts of two linear regression lines.

No current GraphPad program can perform logistic or proportional hazards regression.

Please let us know what kind of multivariate analyses you need in your work, as we are seriously considering extending our programs in this direction.

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