What's new in GraphPad Prism 7.0b?


Important fixes

  • Fixed bug in Grubbs' test. When you set alpha to 5% so the critical P value is 0.05, Prism 7.0a actually used a critical P value of 0.025. So it sometimes missed an outlier. This was true for any value of alpha you entered; it actually used a value for alpha half of what you entered. Fixed in 7.01. It was correct in Prism 6. 
  • Revised the equation for the Log(Normal) equation, with new Help page.
  • Fixed relative cumulative frequency distribution so it is now calculated correctly when data are entered as mean, SE/SD, and N.
  • Files created with Prism 6 including box & whiskers graph that also showed every point sometimes crashed when opened on Prism 7.
  • Prism crashed if an analysis choice was hooked and later unhooked.
  • Improved labeling of logarithmic axes, which sometimes had round off errors so labels like "2.00000001". 
  • Improved axis numbering when numbers are huge (over 1,000,000).
  • When you increase the number of subcolumns in an XY or Grouped table, the subcolumn titles moved to different places, and it wasn't possible to enter titles for the new subcolumns.
  • New option in Remove Baseline analysis so when you subtract or divide by values in a control data set, you can choose whether or not the result for that data set (all zeros or all ones) should be included in the results table. 
  • We fixed a long-standing bug in the Wilcoxon matched-pairs test. Details
  • Prism automatically sets a new curve to the same color as the symbol. But if the symbol was open, Prism matched the curve to the color of the interior rather than the border. But often (probably usually), the interior color of an open symbol is white. In these cases, the curve was invisible. 
  • No more zombie notes. Prism often displays notes or warnings about graphs in gray floating notes, for example if some points are off scale or if some error bars are too small to show (because they are smaller than the symbol). You can delete these notes, but until now they came back when the graph was redrawn. With 7.02, when you delete them, they won't appear again until you reopen the file or edit the data.  

Other fixes

  • When opening files created by Prism 6, legends for XY graphs showing line and symbol had the line over the symbol. Now the line goes under, as it should.
  • Faster flipping between sheets, especially when graphs or layouts include images.
  • Fixed bug when line was on top of symbol in legend, rather than underneath.
  • All elements on newly created graphs appear invisible (transparent) after upgrading to Prism 7 if any custom color scheme was used in Prism 6.
  • XY graphs from XY tables with no X values (so row numbers were used as X) only showed one data set.
  • Heat maps. Fixed problems with categorical heat maps with only two categories, and with the legends for double gradient heat maps.
  • XY graphs with legends with long lines now appear ok (before the line overlapped the text).
  • The border of bar graphs is now entirely placed inside the bar. Until now, the border was half inside and half outside. With thick borders, this meant the visible height of the bar could be too high, so was a bit misleading.
  • Some objects turned white when a file saved in Prism 7 was opened with Prism 6.
  • Column statistics results didn't match row labels if you asked for a percentile to be reported.
  • "Add Data Sets to Graph" dialog is wider to show more of the data set name
  • Added a field to specify the location of custom labels on axes at the "Additional Ticks and Grid Lines" dialog.
  • Data which contains both semicolons and tabs is treated incorrectly by Prism.
  • Graphs and layouts were printed without headers. 
  • Rotate text clockwise'/'Rotate text counter-clockwise' toolbar buttons did not work for text objects on layout. 
  • It was slow on opening graphs with semiopaque points. 
  • Last added subcolumn title unexpectedly jumps to different subcolumn after changing title from single-line on multiple-line.
  • Default color of regression line/curve is wrong with open symbols.
  • Backwards legend order in heatmaps with categorical colormap.
  • Legend direction in categorical heatmap graph was not always changed after performing 'Reverse legend direction'.
  • Powers of ten on antilog X axis are shown in incorrect format.
  • Fixed appearance of minimized floating notes when switching sheets.
  • Fixed justification of subcolumn titles in dialog.
  • When you perform non-repeated-measures two-way ANOVA, with unequal sample size, there are several ways to compute the results. Prism has always computed "Type III" sum-of-squares and now labels the results as such to avoid ambiguity.
  • Numbers in heat map cells sometimes wrapped to two lines.
  • Column titles for heat maps placed on top of the heat map with angled or vertical text are now properly left justified (and right justified if at the bottom of the graph).
  • Fixed problems with entry of distance of titles from axes in last tab of Format Axes dialog.
  • Corners of bars borders appeared rounded rather than square (especially if a graph/layout is exported to pdf format).
  • In rare cases, files with linear regression wouldn't display the linear regression line.
  • It was impossible to delete empty rows. If the row only had a row title, other row titles would move up, but the data would not move up.
  • Files couldn't be opened at all if an embedded script contained an unexpected character.
  • Files with huge heat maps wouldn't open in older versions of OS X.

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