What's new in GraphPad Prism Mac 6.0h?

This page lists the changes in Prism Mac from 6.0g to 6.0h. If you are updating from an earlier release, see what was new in 6.0b,  6.0c, 6.0d,  6.0e6.0f, and 6.0g

This page is for Mac only. For Windows, the most recent update is 6.07.

Prism 6.0h fixes a bunch of problems that prevent earlier releases from working perfectly with OS X 10.11 El Capitan. But it also works fine with earlier releases of OS X.

Most important, this release fixes several bugs that cause crashing on launch, and also when you click 'Cancel' button in 'Delete Sheet(s)' dialog, or when you OK or Cancel from the Hook Constant dialog. If you still have problems with crashing see the portion of this faq that explains some Terminal commands to use. 

It also fixes some cosmetic bugs, specific to El Capitan, that make the program harder to use:

  • Impossible to see options for lines, bars or points: menus blank. 
  • Wrong color scheme of 'Format Data Table' and 'Result' buttons, column, subcolumn and row titles.
  • Preview area in 'Frame and Grid Line' section in 'Format Axes' dialog is empty.
  • Export window is corrupted: cut from left and right.
  • All icons on the toolbar do not highlight after you click on them.
  • Content of thumbnails in 'Gallery View' mode appears not clear or faded.
  • Black line appears under toolbar when you switch to 'Full Screen' mode.
  • Grid doesn't work on Graph and Layout sheets.
  • Bar graph diagonal fill patterns are mirror-image of what they should be.

This release also fixes a few minor issues that are not related to El Capitan. Most important, Prism now works consistently when a layout includes a graph from another project. With earlier versions, under some circumstances such graphs could get very small or appear to vanish entirely from your layout.

There is one problem that we have not fixed in 6.0h, but we hope Apple will fix in an OS X update. The problem is with the new color pencil tab in the color picker, which replaces the crayons of earlier OS X versions. The pencils tab looks weird and is almost unusable. But the other tabs work fine, so you'll need to use another method to pick colors. The problem arises because Prism 6 was written to work on older computers running Snow Leopard that cannot be updated. To do this, we use an older version of the Xcode development environment (the one that was current when Prism 6 was developed). All programs that use this older Xcode version will have the same issue with choosing colors using the color pencil tab. 

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