What's new in Prism 6.0c?

This page lists the changes from Prism Mac 6.0b to 6.0c. If you are updating from 6.0a, see what was new in 6.0b.

This page is only for Prism Mac. A separate page lists the changes from 6.01 to 6.02 in Prism Windows. 

Support new Mac gestures and full screen mode for Lion and Mountain Lion

  •  Swipe gesture to move between sheets (swipe with one or two fingers, depending on your setting)
  •  Pinch to zoom on graphs and layouts
  •  Smart zoom to fill the screen with the graph or layout (double tap with one or two fingers depending on your settings)
  •  New Share button on Send portion of the toolbar (and a Share command on the File menu) to share a sheet, family or project in various ways. 
  •  Run Prism full screen.  



  • Allow a <user> tag to the StartupConfig.xml file. It lets the IT person who sets up that file send the name of the user that we store in our server. Or leave it blank to send no name. Without the tag, Prism sends the user name that logged in. 


Important improvements

  • When exporting to tiff, png, jpg, or pict, you can specify the desired width in pixels as well as in inches/cm.
  • Enabled the choice to create legends with "Symbols only", "Symbols & Lines", or "Lines only" for Grouped graphs displaying symbols.
  • When given a choice to plot legends as lines or symbols & lines, you can now choose long lines. This is helpful to distinguish dotted from dashed lines.
  • If you have labels or numbering on both sides of the axis, you can now separately drag the numbers/labels on each side towards or away from the axis.
  • The last label of the X axis sometimes was cut off when the graph was placed on a layout. 
  • If you have two license files on your computer, Prism will check both rather than stopping when it finds an invalid one.
  • More detail is added to the log file when there are problems with the serial number file. 

Improvements to interface

  • Improved Delete Sheet dialog. Now it has checkboxes to selet the sheets to delete, and can be stretched to a larger size.
  • Made it possible to open the Position dialog from the Format Object dialog opened for a scale bar.
  • If there is only one info sheet (global) in the project, and all other sheets are part of the family, then made the info sheet be part of the family too.
  • Made it possible to paste column titles from Clipboard into Results tables (above non-empty columns).
  • Rearranged Create New Layout dialog so page orientation choice is above the Arrangement of graphs choices.
  • Added buttons to select all and select none to the "Add Data Sets to Graph" dialog.
  • Improved automatic snapping when you drag text on a graph or layout.
  • A useful message is shown when you attempt to plot the geometric mean when any values are zero or negative.   
  • Renamed choices in the dropdown for XY tab of the Welcome dialog to: "Mean (or median), Upper/Lower limits" and "Mean (or median), +/- error".
  • Made Prism change "set origin" to "automatically" in the Format Axes dialog when the user removes the left axis.
  • If you choose to center (or right justify) multiline row/column titles, that choice now applies to the graph labels too.
  • You can now select two or more data sets on the 'Data Sets on graph' tab of Format graph dialog, and then move them up or down the list (to change plotting order).
  • If you ask Prism to plot the geometric mean and some points are negative or zero (making the geometric mean undefined), Prism now shows a floating note to explain the problem. 

Fixes to analyses

  • If you use the Resimulate Again command (red die icon, F9) or the "SimulateAgain" script command, data tables that contains link(s) from Simulation analysis (or from any analysis inherited from Simulation analysis) will also be updated.
  • Made the red dice icon (simulate again) be available on the data, analysis result and graph sheets, if simulated data were pasted as link onto a data table which was analyzed.
  • Frozen simulations will not be recalculated when you invoke the Resimulate Again command.
  • Warns you if you try to do a Monte Carlo simulation using a frozen simulation, or if the simulation analysis does not have any random error or outliers.
  • Sped up Monte-Carlso calculations.
  • Added a floating note into the results of multiple t-test analysis to document your choice about pooling standard deviations.
  • The Wilcoxon matched pairs test results now show the number of pairs analyzed.
  •  Added floating note with explanation in the results of transform analysis if the input data table has no X values.
  • Fisher's test (Chi-square analysis) can now be performed even if you enter huge values, so Prism doesn’t need to switch to the chi-square test instead.
  • Added floating note to results of Mann-Whitney test with tied values to explain that Prism is reporting an exact P value, something that Prism (prior to v6) and most other programs cannot do.
  • Added a floating note to the 'Column Statistics' results, if the input table is the results of a Frequency Distribution, as such results are unlikely to be useful.
  • Fixed the Column Statistics analysis, which always computed 95% CI of median even if you selected a different confidence level.
  • Fixed the Cubic spline analysis to show interpolated values (details).
  • Fixed Transform analysis to perform transforms that combine X and Y even if the X values are a generated series.
  • The Multiple t tests analysis shows  P values with more digits after the decimal point.   
  • Fixed the “How effective was the pairing” conclusion in the paired t test and the Wilcoxon mathed pairs test. Details.
  • Improved outlier detection in nonlinear regression when you compare two models, so it does not depend on which model was chosen first.
  • Fixed the problem when the interchange of X and Y in the Transform analysis did not swap the X and Y column titles.
  • Fisher’s exact test mistakenly reported that the one-tail P is "undefined" in rare cases.
  • Fixed the rule for the initial value for the parameter Ki of Morrison equation in enzyme inhibition.
  • Improved wording of message if you tried to perform the One-way ANOVA analysis with data entered as mean & SD (or SEM), without N (which is essential), or if each column had only one value.
  • Fixed typo in the name of equations group - "Enzyme kinetics - Substrate v Velocity".
  • Replaced the misleading column title 'Mean' with 'Proportion' or 'Percentage' in the Survival Proportions table of survival results.
  • Fixed results of 't test' when a third data set was added to analyzed data table.
  • Fixed subcolumn labels used in results of Monte Carlo analysis.
  • Replaced "Mean" with "Median" as subcolumn title when you choose medians from Row Means/Totals analysis.
  • Fixed the problem with cumulative frequency calculation when an extra row sometimes appeared.
  • Mann-Whitney test. If there are no ties, and the correct one-tailed P value is 0.5, Prism incorrectly reported it as 1.0. If the correct two-tailed p value equals 1.0 it is correctly reported as ">0.9999" in the Mann-Whitney results, but incorrectly reported as 2.0 in a Monte Carlo analysis of the Mann Whitney test.  
  • Mann-Whitney test simulations. When the P values was actually 1.00, it sometimes reported 2.00. 


Minor bugs fixed (specific to Mac)

  • When you entered Grouped data with no replicates, Prism would plot both symbol and a line at the mean. This fix removes the line.
  • If you adjusted the axis range for a grouped separated graph, sometimes points would appear that are beyond the end of the axis.
  • Crash at opening files with info or analysis constant linked to minimum/maximum of an axis segment's range. 
  • Newly added data sets appeared as bars in 'Data Sets on Graph' pane of Format Graph dialog.
  • It was impossible to change the length of the scale bar in plots.
  • It was sometimes impossible to change the range of Y-axis.
  • The "Symbol fill" color was assigned to the "Bar fill" color or vice versa in a custom color scheme, depending on the graph to which it had been applied.
  • The "Repeat pattern for remaining data sets" choice which was incorrectly saved to the custom color scheme, making it nearly impossible to create color schemes that defined more than 10 data sets.
  • Many data sets appeared black when the number of the data sets exceeded predefined number of the colored data sets within built-in color scheme. 
  • Prism always opened project windows on the first display.Now it remembers the display you used last time.
  • A shaded area overlaid axes on a graph with plain frame style.
  • Graph were sometimes resized enormously on the graph page and could be out of view after file had been saved.
  • The zoomed graph appeared partially hidden from the view in the left corner of the window while "View entire graph" preferences choice was set.
  • The legends overlapped Parts of Whole graph after file had been saved. 
  • Made Prism create the log file if the <startup-log> option is ON in the StartupConfig.xml
  • It was impossible to apply symbol shape by right clicking on a symbol.
  • incorrect number of the bottom major tick for left Y axis. 
  • Made Prism always show the analyses subsheets -- the analysis "folder" opened in the Navigator -- after performing analysis.
  • Graphs were sometimes unexpectedly repositioned/resized on layouts after being repositioned on graphs sheets.
  • Excluded row titles remained on the axis.
  • A text object snapped into place without showing the vertical snapping line (when graph sheet was zoomed).
  • Crash on performing undo creation of the new graph and removing data sets (in consecutive order).
  • The "right" axis appeared on the left side of the graph after turning off the left axis, if the origin of graph was set to lower left.
  • Additional ticks on an axis were not aligned. 
  • Inability to save the file after several undo/redo actions had been performed.
  • Round-off problems let to bad formatting of axis numbering.
  • It was sometimes impossible to align three graphs by Y axes on layout. 
  • Improved sheet rnemaing when you duplicate family.
  • Very short axis ticks looked much smaller in Prism 6 compared to Prism 5. 
  • Enabled the "Revert legend to row title" checkbox in the Format Graph dialog for "Change all Categories" selected, if not all data sets on graph had legends.
  • The value in the Size edit field was not saved as a default, when you checked "Make these options become the default" in the Export dialog.
  • Symbols on legends did not have lines coming out of the sides on grouped graphs with connecting lines. 
  • Pasting text that include comma into Info sheets.
  • The set of thumbnail graphs showed in the first step of 'Magic' sometimes scrolled away when you clicked on it.
  • Symbols "<" and ">" were changed to "& lt;" and "& gt;" when files created with Prism Mac were opened with Prism Windows.

Minor bugs shared with Prism Windows

  • Fixed plotting of errors bars (tiny error bars sometimes were missing the bottom half).
  • Prism will no longer plot the geometric mean when any value is negative or zero.
  • Clone a graph (from Welcome) sometimes randomly changed graph sheet name.
  • When the computed error bar extends down to a negative value (which can’t be shown on a log axis), Prism no longer attempts to plot it on a log axis and shows a error message.
  • The total value didn’t always automatically update in a parts-of-whole graph.
  • Improved automatic renaming of sheet names (you rename the data table, and the results and graphs rename).
  • The size of some graphs couldn’t be increased to fill page.
  • Fixed the problem when the right line of the graph frame was not visible on a grouped graphs with data table with only one row.
  • Fixed the problem when Prism did not plot all the data on a grouped graph.
  • Fixed the problem plotting error bars that extended beyond axis limits.
  • Fixed the corruption of default grouped graph with thousands of rows.
  • Fixed the problem when starting Y value and major ticks interval unexpectedly changed on changing minimum range value. Case 389415.
  • When you paste link Prism data to a Prism table, it now remembers the links even for empty cells .
  • You can now open .pzfx files via Open command used inside ForEach loop in a Prism script.  

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