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Infrastructure (Windows only)

Prism looks much better on a high resolution displays, even if you drag a Prism window from one display to the another with a different resolution or if you change display settings while Prism is running.

Each open Prism Windows project now has its own window with its own toolbar and menu bar.  This is the way all modern programs work. No more master Prism window containing the project windows.

Prism Windows now comes in separate versions for 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows. The 64-bit version handles big data sets and big image imports better, and is more compatible with 64-bit versions of Office.

Export (or copying) of graphs or layouts to EMF+ format is improved for greater compatibility with Office and other programs.



Unicode. We did lots of work to the innards of Prism so all text is encoded in Unicode. This makes things much easier when handling mathematical characters, Greek letters, and text in Japanese, Mandarin, etc. Unicode is now the standard for handling text, and transferring text from one application to another, and Prism (Win and Mac) now supports it fully.


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