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Tips to avoid the need for large projects

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Delete sheets you don't need

As you work on a project, you might accumulate graphs and analyses which you don't need. Keeping them in the project adds clutter and makes it harder to find the sheets you want. Delete them.

Save families of sheets

If a file is large, consider breaking it into smaller projects. You can save any family of sheets as a new project. Find the command "Save Family As" on the File  menu.

Merge Prism files

If you later want to merge two files, that is straightforward. Use the Merge command on the File menu.

Place a graph from one project on a layout of another

You can  place a graph from one project onto a layout of another project. There are two ways to do this:

Double click on a placeholder in the layout, and choose a graph from another open project.

Copy the graph from one project, go to the layout of another project, make sure no placeholders are selected, and paste. Prism will give you three choices:to paste a picture, paste a hot link, or to paste merge, so the entire family of the pasted graph is merged in.

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