How to Buy

Ready to upgrade to Prism 6? 

Upgrading is quick and easy. You may purchase one license at upgrade pricing for each Prism license you own. A few other reminders:

  •  An upgrade is the full program at a reduced price. You don't have to have Prism on your computer to upgrade - you just need your existing serial number.
  • You can switch platforms (Windows or Mac) when you upgrade, at no additional cost.
  • Your upgrade will transfer your license from your older version to Prism 6. An upgrade is a replacement license, not an additional license. After upgrading, you won't own more licenses than you did before.
  • You may not transfer your old version to another person after you upgrade. The license to your old version is no longer valid.


Upgrade from Prism 5 to Prism 6 for US$199, or upgrade from an older version for US$249.