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Why use row titles?

Row titles have four purposes:

Label unknowns in standard curves -- the labels will propagate through to the standard curve (interpolated values) results.

Label individual points on an XY graph.

Label groups in a grouped data table.

Label subjects on a column table plotted as a before-and-after graph.


Show or hide the row title column

If you don't see a column for row titles, click on the Table format area in the upper left of a data table to open the Format table dialog. Choose to "Show row titles."

which table scatter 14


To hide the row title column, click the X at the top of the Row title column.

which table scatter 13


Enter two or three line row titles and column titles

You may enter two or more lines of text for each row title. This is new to Prism 6. You may also now bold, italicize and underline text in titles (you could always use superscript, subscripts and Greek).

To add an additional line of text to the title click the Line Break symbol or press the key combination Shift-Enter to move to the next line.




Prism uses autocomplete to help you. It tries to guess what you are typing, and let's you choose from a list of titles you've used before. If you find this more annoying than helpful, turn it off in the View tab of the Preferences dialog.

Showing row titles on a graph

Double click on any symbol to open the Format Graph dialog and choose "Label each point with its row title". Double click on any row label to change the font of all the labels. You can also delete individual labels or drag them to a new location.

which table scatter 15

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gdp vs imr





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