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Getting Started with Prism

Five Things to Know
About Prism

Learn how to use Prism with these five important tutorials

Essential Statistics
in Prism

Learn to perform the most common types of analyses


Learn how to customize graphs in Prism


Learn the fundamentals and perform better analyses

Explore Our Guides

Statistics Guide

A concise guide to doing statistical analyses with GraphPad Prism

Curve Fitting Guide

A guide to fitting curves (and lines) with GraphPad Prism

Prism User Guide

Guided examples of common analyses to get you started

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Run statistical analyses quickly and directly in your browser

Categorical data

Categorical data

Fisher's, Chi square, McNemar's, Sign test, CI of proportion, NNT (number needed to treat), kappa.

Continuous data

Continuous data

Descriptive statistics, detect outlier, t test, CI of mean / difference / ratio / SD, multiple comparisons tests, linear regression.

Statistical distributions and interpreting P values

Statistical distributions and interpreting P values

Calculate P from t, z, r, F or chi-square, or vice-versa. View Binomial, Poisson or Gaussian distribution. Correct a P value for multiple comparisons and Bayes.

Random numbers

Random numbers

Assign subjects to groups, simulate data.

Chemical and radiochemical data

Chemical and radiochemical data

Create and convert molar solutions, convert moles & grams, radioactivity calculations.

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