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How to export one or more graphs or layouts

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Are you sure you want to export?

If your goal is to send graphs to a colleague who doesn't own Prism, consider sending a Prism file. He or she can then open the file using Prism itself, the free Prism trial (expires in 30 days), or the free Prism viewer (never expires).  

If your goal is to place graphs into a Word document or PowerPoint presentation, you can copy-and-paste or use the one-click send buttons rather than exporting. There are some settings in the File & Printer tab of the Edit/Preferences dialog that will affect the result and whether or not you will paste your graph as a Prism object or a picture.

How to export

1.Start from one graph or a layout, or from several graphs or layouts selected on the Gallery.

2.Click the Export button on the Prism toolbar to bring up the Export Graph dialog. Alternatively, drop the File menu and choose Export.

layouts 1

3.Choose the export format, and also choose the location and name of the exported file.








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