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Merging and splitting projects

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Prism offers two approaches to merging two Prism projects.

To merge an entire Prism project into another, drop the File menu and choose Merge. Pick a file (which must not be open), and all sheets from that file will be appended to your current project. Prism places an asterisk (*) in front of the name of each merged sheet.

It is also possible to merge just one graph and its related sheets into another Prism project. To do this, do not use the Merge command. Instead, copy a graph from one Prism project and then paste it into a Layout in another project.  The Place Graph on Layout dialog lets you choose to merge the graph and data into the new file. The alternatives are to maintain a link to the original Prism file so that changes in the original will update in the current file, or to paste just a picture of the graph.


Prism offers two approaches to splitting apart a Prism project.

To save one family of sheets into a new file, choose Save Special from the File section of the Prism toolbar, and then Save Family As. This will save the current sheet along with all linked sheets.

To save the entire project with a new name, drop the File menu and choose Save As.

Once you've saved a copy of the file, or part of it, you'll want to delete unwanted sheets from the original project. The easiest way to delete several sheets is to go to the Gallery for a section and click the checkbox on several sheets. Then press Delete. When you delete a data table, you have the option to delete all info, results, and graph sheets linked to the selected data tables at the same time.




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