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How to report the methods used for the mixed model analysis

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How scientists can think about Prism's mixed model analysis

Most scientists can think of the mixed model in Prism as repeated measures ANOVA that allows missing values.

What to say in Methods sections or Figure legends

Here is some suggested wording for explaining how repeated measures ANOVA with Prism are done (using the Mixed-model approach):

Repeated measures ANOVA cannot handle missing values. We analyzed the data instead by fitting a mixed model  as implemented in GraphPad Prism 8.0. This mixed model uses  a compound symmetry covariance matrix, and is fit using Restricted Maximum Likelihood (REML). In the absence of missing values, this method gives the same P values and multiple comparisons tests as repeated measures ANOVA. In the presence of missing values (missing completely at random), the results can be interpreted like repeated measures ANOVA. 

Also state whether or not you asked Prism to use the Geisser-Greenhouse correction. 

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