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Alternatives to scripting

Alternatives to scripting

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Alternatives to scripting

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Prism can save its project files in two formats. The PZFX format includes all the data and info tables in plain text XML that other programs can view, edit or replace.

While other programs can't really create Prism files, they can start with a Prism file you have created, and replace the data. When a user then opens this file, the results and graphs will be updated.

To get an idea about how this approach works, follow these steps:

1.Create a Prism file, with data, analyses and graphs as you want them.

2.Save from Prism in the PZFX format.

3.Then open the file with a text editor (notepad). The analysis and graphing stuff is all encrypted in a way you can't access. But the data and info are in plain text, structured, XML.

4.Edit the data (and perhaps the info constants), and resave.

5.Double click on the file to open in Prism. You'll see that graphs and analyses are updated to analyze and graph the new data.

Using this approach, you can effectively (from the user's point of view) save a Prism  file from your application (or instrument). No scripts. No need to use your software and Prism on the same computer at the same time. No need to even use the same platform (Win vs. Mac) for Prism and your program. All you have to do is replace the data portion of a .PZFX file, and resave it.