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Bar graphs

Bar graphs

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Bar graphs

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"Bar graph" describes how the data are plotted, but not how the data are organized. Prism can make bar graphs from XY, Column, Grouped , Parts-of-whole data and nested data.


With XY data, you can combine bar graphs and XY on one graph.

Until Prism 6, the border of a bar graph was placed half inside and half outside the bar. With thick borders, this meant the top of the border of the top part of the bar actually stuck up too high, so the bar graph did an imperfect job of displaying the data. Starting with Prism 7, the borders are placed entirely within the bars.

Bar graphs are great for displaying proportions and counts. For continuous data, there are lots of ways to plot data. Bar graphs (in my opinion) are overused. Instead of making a bar graph, consider making a scatter plot, a box-and-whisker plot or a violin plot.