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Color coding column scatter graphs

Color coding column scatter graphs

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Color coding column scatter graphs

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When you make a column scatter graph with Prism, all symbols in each column have the same shape and color. This page explains how to make some points have a different color.

Choose selected points in the table

1.Select a range of data, perhaps one row or one subcolumn.

2.Right click, choose Format Points, and then Symbol color


If you have more than one graph from the same data, Prism will ask whether you wish to change one or all graphs.

There is no way to create a new legend using this method to explain what the colors mean.


Change selected points on the graph

1.Make a column scatter graph as usual.

2.Right click on a point, choose Format This Point, and choose a different color.

3.Repeat for each point you want to change.


Make a Grouped graph instead (to get a legend)

1.Create a Grouped data table, and choose a Grouped Column Scatter graph.

2.Enter data on a Grouped data table, rather than a Column table. Put the values you want to have different colors into different data set columns. Put the values you want to appear in different columns of the graph into different rows.