GraphPad Prism 8 User Guide

Creating new sheets

Creating new sheets

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Creating new sheets

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DuplicateDataTable  <CLEAR>

DuplicateFamily  [prepend_text] <CLEAR>

CreateLayout [#rows] [#columns] <orientation> <#StartingGraphIndex> <#Graphs>





For the most part, script commands navigate among sheets you have already created by hand. You can’t create new data tables, new analyses or new graphs in a script except by duplicating existing ones. When you duplicate a data table, all you get is a new data table. You can import data into it, but not analyze or graph within the script.


Duplicates a sheet as well as all linked sheets. Import new data to replace the existing data, and all analyses and graphs will update.

All new sheets include the prepended text in front of the sheet name. Enter %F as the prepend text, to use the name of the most recently imported file.


Create a new layout with an array of placeholders with the specified number of rows and columns on a page of the specified orientation "portrait" or "landscape" (portrait is the default).  Assign graphs starting with the specified one. Specify by rank order in the navigator, with "1" as the first graph. If you specify GraphsCount, Prism will assign that many graphs only. If you omit this parameter, Prism will stop when it has reached either the last placeholder on your layout or the last graph in the project