GraphPad Prism 8 User Guide

Everything is hot linked

Everything is hot linked

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Everything is hot linked

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Prism links data to results,  graphs and layouts. It also lets you copy data or results from one part of Prism and paste link onto a data table.  This has four advantages.

When you fix a mistake in data entry, the results and graphs are automatically updated.

If you replace the data, you;ll get new graphs and analyses of the new data.

When you open a Prism file, you can retrace every step of every analysis, and review (or change) any of the choices. You’ll never see a curve or a P value and wonder how it got there.


After you’ve polished the analysis and graphing steps with data from one experiment, you don’t have to repeat all those steps for a repeat experiment. Prism provides several ways to instantly analyze and graph a repeat experiment, without repeating any tedious steps and without requiring any scripting or programming.