GraphPad Prism 8 User Guide

What's new? Working with other programs

What's new? Working with other programs

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What's new? Working with other programs

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LabsArchives. Prism 6 integrates better with LabArchives. As in Prism 5, click “LabArchive it” to upload files directly to LabArchives. Now,  , Prism also sends LabArchives a list of all words used in notes, titles, text boxes, etc. That mean you can search within LabArchives to find the file you need. From the Welcome dialog of Prism 6, you can open a file directly from LabArchives. There is no longer a need to first go to to download the file you want.

Faster TIFF. Exporting TIFF files at 1200 dpi from Prism Windows is much faster and more reliable (doesn't lead to out of memory messages).

Smaller TIFF. Prism Windows can now compress TIFF files at 600 or 1200 dpi, and compress even when you choose the CMYK color model (not allowed in Prism 5 Windows)

More exporting choices. When compressing TIF files, choose between the LZW or packbits scheme. Choose either a RGB or CMYK color model for PNG files. Choose higher resolution output (up to 1200 dpi) with JPG.

No popup dialog after exporting. After exporting a graph, layout or table, Prism 5 would always pop up a dialog offering to open the folder to which the file was exported. When it is done exporting, Prism 6 doesn’t show that extra dialog. Instead, Prism 6 lets you choose, in the export dialog, whether to open the folder after exporting. You can make that choice a default for the future.

More importing choices. Prism 6 Windows can import more kinds of images onto a graph or layout. Here is the complete list:

Windows Enhanced Metafile (*.emf)
Windows Metafile (*.wmf)
TIFF (*.tif;*.tiff)
JPEG (*.jpg;*.jp2;*.j2k;*.jpx)
Portable Network Graphics (*.png;*.mng)
Windows Bitmap (*.bmp)
Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif)
Scalable Vector Graphics Format (*.svg)
PC PaintBrush (*.pcx)
TruvisionTarga Format (*.tga)
Microsoft Paint Format (*.msp)
PhotoShop 3.0 Format (*.psd)
Windows Icon and Cursor Formats (*.ico)
Macintosh Pict (*.pct;*.pict)


Choices when copying excluded values. Prism lets you exclude values on the data table, where they appear in blue italics. These values are ignored when Prism makes graphs and analyzes data. Prism 6 offers three choices for how excluded values should be copied or exported. 1. Like other values, ignoring the fact that they are excluded. 2.Followed by an asterisk. 3. As a blank space instead of the value. When exporting, this choice is set in the export dialog. When copying to the clipboard, the choice is set in the File & Printer tab of Preferences.

Choose whether to use period or comma as the decimal separator. When you copy data to the clipboard, Prism 5 used the Windows or Mac control panel settings to decide whether to use a comma or period (point) as the decimal separator. Prism 6 lets you choose in the Preferences dialog. This lets scientists who live in countries where a comma is commonly used still use a period when copying data out of Prism for pasting into a manuscript that will be read in other countries.

LinkBack support. When you paste a graph or layout created with Prism 6 Mac into  some other programs, LinkBack let's you double-click on the embedded graph to return to Prism for editing. This works similarly to OLE on Windows. But while OLE is part of Windows and supported by Microsoft, LinkBack is not part of OS X and is not supported by Apple. It only works with selected Mac apps, and does not work with Word, PowerPoint or Keynote.