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Far more than an "ELN" (Electronic Laboratory Notebook), LabArchives stores and catalogs all of your research for easy retrieval and publication.

Free LabArchives account for Prism users

Registered users of Prism can obtain a free account on LabArchives.  To set up this account, go to a graph in Prism, click the LabArchives button to drop a menu, and choose to "LabArchives it". You will be prompted for your email address, which is all you need to start an account. You do not need to enter a credit card number!


Prism integrates well with LabArchives:

Click “LabArchive it” to upload files directly to LabArchives.

When it uploads a file to LabArchives, Prism also sends LabArchives a list of all words used in notes, titles, text boxes, etc. That mean you can search within LabArchives to find the file you need.

From the Welcome dialog of Prism, you can open a file directly from LabArchives. There is no need to first go to to download the file you want.


Logging on to an existing  LabArchives account

If you have a LabArchives username and password, Prism will prompt you to enter it.

But what if you log in to your institutional server, and the logging into LabArchives is done behind the scenes using an authorization system like Shibboleth? In this case, you don't have a username and password specific to LabArchives. But you can get one. After logging into the LabArchives web browser interface, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and click “LA App authentication". The next screen will show you a username (email) and password for LabArchives. Use these when Prism asks you to log in to LabArchives. Prism will remember this information, so you should only need to do this once.

LabArchives usually uses a server maintained by LabArchives. If you want to use a local server to host LabArchives files, you can do so. Details here.