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Master legends (one legend for several graphs)

Master legends (one legend for several graphs)

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Master legends (one legend for several graphs)

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If you place several graphs on a layout, you can create a master legend that applies to all the graphs as shown below.

master legend layout


A master legend is one legend on a layout that is for several graphs. To create a master legend, create an extra graph (not on the layout) with the legend you want. Then select and copy that legend and paste to the layout. Then add other graphs without legends to the layout.

It took four graphs to make the figure above. The first three graphs show data, and the fourth (not shown) was used only to create the master legend. Follow these steps:

1.Duplicate one of the graphs to create another graph that won't be shown in the layout, but will be used to create a legend. To create a legend on this graph, double-click on a symbol to bring up the Format Graph dialog. Click the ‘Global’ button, select ‘Change all data sets’ in drop-down. You can also select ‘Change ALL data sets’ from ‘Data set’ drop-down.

2.Create a layout and assign the graphs (three in this example).

3.Select and copy the legends from the extra graph and paste onto the layout (Paste Drawing). That is a simple copy and paste operation and does not use a placeholder.



The master legend is linked to the graph from which it was copied. If you change the symbols in that graph, Prism will update the master legend.

Master legends on a layout have exactly the same size as the legend on the graph from which you copied the legends. When you place graphs on layouts, you can shrink or expand it to fill a placeholder. You can't do this with master legends. The only way to change the size of the symbol in the master legend is to change the font size and symbol size on the graph used to create the master legend. This is done in the graphs section, not the page layout section.

You can edit the text of the legend,  change the size of the text in the master legend, and make it bold or italics. These changes will be lost if you make any changes to the graph from to which the master legend is linked.

After copying a legend, you can only paste it into a layout. It is not possible to paste a legend onto another graph.

It doesn't work well to copy a legend from a graph in one project and paste onto a layout of another. Set things up so the copy and paste is all within one file.