GraphPad Prism 8 User Guide

Opening and saving Prism Files

Opening and saving Prism Files

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Opening and saving Prism Files

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Open [“filename”]


Save <”filename”>


Scripts can either be saved as part of a Prism file, or in a separate script (.pzc) file. When the script is running from a separate file, the Open and Close commands let you switch between Prism files. The script commands work on the last opened file. You may open several files at once. To go back to a file you already opened, simply reissue the open command again.

If you don’t include a disk and directory, Prism will look in the directory (folder) specified by the SetPath command. Include the file extension (.PZF, .PZFX, .PZT or .PZM). If no SetPath script command was used Prism, Prism uses the temporary folder.

Unlike the Import command, the Open command by itself will not automatically open the next file file in a ForEach loop. To do so, use this syntax: Open %F.PZFX.  That opens the next file in the loop (%F) with the extension .PZFX (which you may want to change to .PZF).

The Close command does not save the file, so issue the Save command first if you want to keep the changes. Include a file name with the Save command to create a new file. Omit the file name to save changes using the same name.

The Save command saves to either .PZF or .PZFX format, depending on the file name you enter.