GraphPad Prism 8 User Guide

Special purpose commands

Special purpose commands

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Special purpose commands

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SetProjectName [“new name”]

SetScriptDialogTitle [“dialog title”]




SetSheetTitle [new_name] <K>






Use the SetProjectName command to change the name of the project file (the name it will have when next saved) and the SetScriptDialogTitle command to change the wording of the dialog that shows while the script is running (only useful if you are creating scripts to be used by others).

If you are opening a file created by a prior version of Prism, and saved in the large format (which includes analysis results) the RecalcAll command will tell Prism to recalculate all the results.

If you script takes a long time to complete, you might want to use the Beep command to alert you when the script is complete.

If you run a script from the script dialog, every step is logged in the second tab of the dialog. In this case, the CreateLog command is ignored, as the log is always created. If you run a script from a file, the CreateLog command starts logging every step into a file with the same name as the script file, but the extension .log.

SetSheetTitle renames the sheet. If you specify K, the first K characters of the sheet name are retained, and the rest is renamed.

The Print command prints just the current sheet.

The Exit command closes all open files, without saving and without prompting to save, and exits Prism. It works on Windows only.