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Subcolumn titles

Subcolumn titles

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Subcolumn titles

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XY and Grouped tables can be formatted to have side-by-side subcolumns. These subcolumns can be created to hold preaveraged data, perhaps entering mean, SD and n. In these cases, the subcolumns are labeled. In other cases, you create side by side subcolumns for entry of replicate values. By default these are labeled "Y1", "Y2", etc.

Prism lets you you change these labels. Use Change... Format data table and go to the third tab. You'll see the subcolumn tab of the Format Data Table dialog.

Shortcut: Double click on any subcolumn tiltle (A:Y1 or B:Y2..).


If you check the option on top of the dialog, the titles you enter will appear on the data table.



Choose between entering one title for every subcolumn for every data set column (as above) or just a single set of subcolumn titles that apply to all data sets. If you chose the latter choice with the example above, you'd enter only three subcolumn titles and these would be repeated for each data set.

Controls are provided in the toolbar of the dialog to enter greek letters and math symbols (etc.) and to enter super and subscripts.

If the titles you enter are very long, you may wish to uncheck the top option. This will leave the table labels as "Y1", "Y2", etc.