GraphPad Prism 8 User Guide

How to analyze data with Prism

How to analyze data with Prism

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How to analyze data with Prism

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Start from any data table or graph, and click the Analyze button. There is no need to first select a range of data to analyze.  Prism completely ignores any selection you made before clicking the Analyze button.

analyze button


Step 1. Analyze dialog

The analyze dialog appears. Make sure the drop down on the upper left is set to 'Built-in analysis', and choose an analysis.The right half lets you choose to only analyze selected data sets. It is not possible to choose a subset of rows to analyze -- Prism always analyzes them all.





Step 2. Analysis parameters dialog

Each analysis dialog has its own parameters dialog. Read about individual analyses to learn about the choices.

If you are unsure about an analysis choice, click the Learn button in the dialog to go to the appropriate help topic.

learn button

Step 3. View the results

Some results are presented on several analysis tabs. Choose an analysis tab to view .


Step 4. Analysis checklist

Click the Analysis checklist button in the Interpret section of the Prism toolbar to review a list of questions that will help you interpret the results..