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Graphing each replicate

Graphing each replicate

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Graphing each replicate

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The advantage of showing every replicate instead of error bars

When making a XY graph, Column graph or Grouped graph, you don’t have to plot error bars. Instead you can graph each data point (replicate). This is often the best way to display variation, as it shows your data exactly. Don't plot mean or median with error bars too quickly. Stop to think about whether a graph of the actual data would be more informative.With modest amounts of data, it is almost always better to show the data.

error each replicate graph

XY graphs

Choose Individual Replicates when you pick the error format for your graph.

each replicate new xy

Column graphs

Choose to make a scatter plot.


Grouped graphs

Choose the Plot individual values tab. Then choose any of the graph types.  

each replicate new grouped