GraphPad Prism 8 User Guide

Linking and embedding data

Linking and embedding data

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Linking and embedding data

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When you copy and paste from an Excel file or text file into a Prism data table, you have the option to paste only the values or to keep a live link to the original file so that whenever the original file is changed and saved, your Prism graphs and analyses will update. A third option is to embed (keep a copy) of the original file inside your Prism file.

When you link, you keep a connection to the original file. When you embed, you make a new copy.

Linking and embedding works differently with Prism for Windows and Prism for Mac:

With Prism for Windows you can link or embed to Excel and text files.

With Prism for Mac, you can't embed files or link directly to Excel spreadsheets. You can, however, link to text files.