GraphPad Prism 8 User Guide

Tips for moving or rotating objects

Tips for moving or rotating objects

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Tips for moving or rotating objects

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Selecting objects on the page

When you work in the Graphs section of your project, the graph itself as well as text, legends, drawings, and imported images are all referred to as “objects”. When you are working in the Layout section of your project, each graph with all of its objects is grouped into a single object. Images imported onto a page layout are also objects. Images imported onto a graph are objects in the graph section, but are part of the graph object in the page layout section.

To select one object:

Point to the object and click the left mouse button. To select a rectangle or oval, click on its edge. Prism displays knobs on the selected object.

To select several objects:

Hold down the Shift key while selecting the objects one at a time. Or… drag an imaginary rectangle around all the objects. You've selected all objects entirely contained within the rectangle.


Moving objects

To move an object with the mouse:

Point to an edge. Press the left mouse button and drag.

To move an object vertically or horizontally only:

With Prism Windows:

Hold the Shift key while dragging to allow only vertical movement. (Remember this because the Shift key is marked with a vertical arrow.)

Hold the Ctrl key while dragging to allow only horizontal movement.

With Prism Mac:

Hold the Shift key. Prism will let you drag vertically or horizontally, but not at an angle.

To prevent automatic snapping:

Hold the ALT key down while dragging an object to prevent Prism from trying to automatically snap it into place.

To nudge an object a tiny distance:

Select one or more objects. Press the up, down, right or left arrow keys. Each press of an arrow key moves the object(s) one pixel.

To nudge an object in larger steps:

Hold down the Control key (Windows) or Command key (Mac) and each click of an arrow key will move the objects in larger steps.

To group two or more objects so they move together:

Select Group from the Arrange menu or toolbar.

The set of objects now acts as a single object. If you want to work with the individual objects again, drop the Arrange menu and choose Ungroup.


To rotate an object:

Grab the rotation knob and move your mouse.