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Other improvements in statistical analyses

Other improvements in statistical analyses

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Other improvements in statistical analyses

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The Row Statistics analysis can now report means only without SD or SEM.

One-way ANOVA now works even if any of the data set columns has only a single value.

Two-way ANOVA can now do multiple comparisons comparing every cell with every other cell if the data are repeated measures in both factors.

The Normalize analysis can now normalize each subcolumn separately, using its own definition of 100% and 0%.

The correlation matrix analysis now reports a third page of results showing number of XY pairs for each pair of variables (missing values can lead to different n for different variable pairs).

Enter starting and ending dates for each subject in a survival analysis instead of entering number of days (or weeks..).

If you enter data with replicates (or enter mean, n and SD or SEM), the Area under the curve (AUC) analysis will now report the AUC with a standard error and 95% confidence interval.

The multiple t test analysis now reports multiplicity adjusted P values.

The Shapiro-Wilk normality test now works with a sample as small as n=3.

The Remove Baseline & Column Math analysis now gives you choices for reporting the column titles. If the column titles in your data table are "Control" and "Treated" and you ask the analysis to subtract one from the other, you can have the second results column labeled as "B-A" or "Treated-Control" or just "Treated".