GraphPad Prism 8 User Guide

What's new? Highlights

What's new? Highlights

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What's new? Highlights

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Prism 6 is a big upgrade with many improvements. It has more statistical clout, can make more kinds of graphs, and is even more efficient to use. But Prism is still Prism. The basic interface and organization of the program has not changed, so you can switch to Prism 6 with almost no learning curve. And you can try the Prism 6 demo without removing Prism 5.


Two-way ANOVA with repeated measures in both factors

Detect outliers in a column of data using Grubbs' test

Calculate and graph 95% CI of median with Wilcoxon test

Calculate and graph 95% CI of difference between medians with Mann-Whitney test

Greenhouse-Geisser correction in one-way repeated measures ANOVA

Ratio t test

Kolmogorov-Smirnov test (alternative to Mann-Whitney)

Multiple tests (one-per row) with optional correction for multiple comparisons

Monte-Carlo analyses

Multiple comparisons

Exact (multiplicity adjusted) P values with Bonferroni, Tukey and Dunnett's tests.

Graph 95% CI of difference between means

New approach: Fisher’s unprotected Least Significant Difference (LSD)  

New multiple comparisons test: Holm-Sidak

Test main or simple effects after two-way ANOVA

Dunnett's test now can handle up to 256 groups (up from 20)


Nonlinear regression

Fit to models defined by implicit and differential equations.

Write more complex models

Weight your fit by 1/YK

Much easier interpolation


Bigger data tables

Enter data in up to 256 data set columns (up from 52 in Prism 5)

Create data sets with up to 256 subcolumns (up from 52) to allow repeated measures 2 way ANOVA with more subjects


Row and column titles

Write two or three line titles

Use bold and italics

Make titles as long as necessary

View and edit all of your column titles at once


Work more efficiently

Faster in many ways: saving, graphing, exporting and closing

Nonparametric calculations are way way faster!

Format several data sets at once. Want to plot alternating columns as dotted lines? Now you can do it in one step.

Paste link data or results copied from Prism, and those values will be hot linked

Choose the size, shape and color of selected data points right from the data table

More choices when exporting

Set defaults as you work. Many dialogs now a have checkbox to make your choices on that dialog (or tab) become the defaults when you use that dialog in the future.

Much easier to create the graph you want since you don't pick the graph type until after entering data. Preview how different graphs look with your data before deciding.

Search a large project to find pages that include specified text



Zig-zag and elbow lines


Pie charts and more


Superimpose individual data points with bars


Superimpose individual data points with box-whiskers

Separate columns with lines


Label both sides of an axis