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Working with multiple files in Prism Windows

Working with multiple files in Prism Windows

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Working with multiple files in Prism Windows

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Distinguish multiple sheets in one project file from multiple files

A Prism project can have multiple pages or sheets, divided into five sections. These are all saved in one Prism .PZF or .PZFX file. Of course, you can export individual data tables or graphs, but this is not the same as saving the entire project as one Prism file.

People new to Prism often make the mistake of thinking that each Prism file can only have one data table and one graph. Not so. Each file can contain up to 500 data tables, info sheets, analysis results, graphs and page layouts.

One window per file

Starting with Prism 8, each Prism window contains one Prism file. Prior versions used one master window that could hold multiple child windows, one for each file. This multiple document interface is no longer recommended by Microsoft, and Prism no longer supports it.

Since there is one window per file, you can put different windows on different displays, and can size and position each as you see fit.

Closing a Prism file

There are two ways to close a Prism file.

Click the red X at the upper right of the Prism window. This will close the file and also close the window. If you only have one Prism window open, this will quit Prism.

Drop the File menu and choose Close. Or use the Control-W or Control-F4 shortcut. This will close the file, but leave the window open, ready to open or create another Prism file.