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Row labels be added to a data set that can be used to connect the values for a specific observation (row) back to the person, animal, or sample that these values were obtained from. These row labels are often unique to each row, and could be - for example - an experimental ID, someone's social security number, or simply a name. There are two ways to enter labels for each row of the data table.

Using label variables

Enter the text (numbers or letters) that you would like to use as a row label into its own variable column. If there are more than 10 rows with text labels and each of the labels are unique (no duplicates), Prism will automatically identify this column as a label variable. Using variables in this way is similar to the approach used by most statistics programs.

Label Variables

Using row title column

Instead of using a label variable, you can also choose to use the row title column of the multiple variable data table. The row title column is unique to Prism, and is not shown by default. To see the row title column, open the Format Data Table dialog and go to the Table Format tab. Check the "Show row titles" box.

Row titles

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