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Choosing among the eight kinds of data tables is important

The format of a Prism data table determines what kinds of graphs you can make and what kind of analyses you can perform. Choosing the right kind of table for your data is really important. Take the time to get this right.

Don't try to choose the right kind of table for your data by thinking about the kind of graph you want to make. That approach will end up confusing you because there isn't a one to one match between table and graph types. For example,  you can make a bar graph from five kinds of tables, and a graph showing points (a scatter graph) from three kinds of tables. You need to choose a table based on the organization of the data and the analyses you wish to perform.

Prism projects can have many data tables

You are not limited to one data table per file. Store an entire project in one file, creating as many data tables as you need.

Prism can compute error bars

Prism can plot error bars from raw data. You don’t have to enter SD or SEM values, although you can.  




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