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A family is defined to be a selected sheet and all linked sheets.

To duplicate a family of sheets, do one of the following:

Click the New button and choose Duplicate Family.

Drop the Family menu and choose Duplicate Family.

Right click (or Control-click if using a Mac) on any sheet in the Navigator, and choose Duplicate Family

If you are starting from a data table, Prism will ask you to assign a name to the new (duplicated) data table. If the table name is a subset of the results and graph sheet names, these will be substituted. Suppose that the data table is "October data", and is linked to "Nonlin fit of October data" and "Graph of October data". If you start from the data table and choose to duplicate family, you can enter "November data" as the name of the new data table. Prism will then rename the linked sheets to "Nonlin fit of November data" and "Graph of November data". It can only do this because the exact name of the data table is part of the sheet names.

If you are starting from another kind of sheet, Prism will ask you to enter a prefix that will be prepended to the names of all the duplicated sheets. In the example above, you could choose to preface all the newly created sheets with "* ". These new sheets will be "* October data", "* Nonlin fit of October data" and "* Graph of October data". Of course, you can rename the sheet titles however you want.

Prism will duplicate the current sheet and  all linked sheets. Replace the data on the new data table, and all analyses and graphs will update.

Note the distinction between duplicating a sheet, and duplicating a family of sheets. When you duplicate a sheet, only that one sheet is duplicated. If you duplicate a data table, it will not be linked to any graphs. If you duplicate a graph, the copy will link to the same data table as the original. This is useful if you want to make two graphs of the same data. But if you want to make two similar graphs of different data, you'll want to duplicate the family (or clone the graph).

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