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Parts of Whole graphs

Parts of Whole graphs

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Parts of Whole graphs

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Format Graph dialog - Parts of whole plots

Use this dialog to change the look of a Parts of whole graph If you want to only change the look of a single segment, it is simpler to use the right-click menu on the graph. You can also change all the symbols in selected data sets.

Double-click on any graph section to open the Format Graph dialog.


To change the general appearance of the graph:

Click on the thumbnail image in the Graph type section of the dialog. You can change from a pie chart to a donut, slice or dot plot. Prism will preview how your graph will look after the change.

To change the settings for one data set:

Select a data set from the Colors and legend list, and choose the color or fill pattern of the graph segment, and what information you want the legend to show.

To change all data sets on the graph:

Click the Global button to select all data sets on the graph. Or, select the data sets from the drop-down menu that you want to change.

If your graph only has one data set (one slice):

The graph is generated from values entered into a single column in the data table. If you enter data into a row, you'll only get one value on the graph.

Color and Legends

You can set the color of each graph segment. Use the roll-down to choose if you want a particular segment of a pie or donut graph exploded from the main graph and how far away you want it to be. Or choose to hide a segment.





Choose the information you want the legend to show and how you want it formatted.



If one of the rows of data is zero, then Prism will not create a legend for it. If you want a legend, even though the value is zero, enter some tiny nonzero value like 0.000001. The slice will be invisible on the graph, but Prism will create a legend for it.


Choose the color and thickness of the segment borders. You can have different settings for the inner and outer borders. These setting are for all the segments of the graph.






Click to show or hide the graph title, or to show or hide the total of all values, The graph shows each category as the fraction of the total, so it can be very useful to show the total  near the graph. With donut graphs, it is common to put the total in the center of the graph as shown below. Optionally add a prefix or suffix, for example: 1,000 Applicants, or Total: 1,000.





Reverse the order of the data sets to change the orientation of the graph.




Use the Size portion of the dialog to change the size of the whole of a donut graph.