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Changing info constants

Changing info constants

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Changing info constants

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SetInfo [”value”] [rownumber] <position: 0 (name) or 1 (value) or 2 (notes)>

SetValueToInfo [infotable #] [inforow#] [datarow] [datacol] <datasubcol>



The SetInfo and SetValueToInfo commands inserts (or changes) a value into an Info sheet.

With the SetInfo command, set position to 0 to change the name of the constant, 1 to change its value (the default choice), or 2 to append to the notes (in which case the row number is ignored).


SetInfo 5.3, 3

Setinfo "Notebook 25, page 34", 5

Setinfo "Experimenter", 3, 0

Setinfo "Dennis", 3, 1

Setinfo "Notebook 2007H, page 304", 1, 2

The first example sets the third constant equal to 5.3. The second example sets the fifth constant to “Notebook 25, page 34”. The third example names (or renames) the third constant to “Experimenter”. The fourth example assigns the value “Dennis” to that constant. The fifth example adds some text to the notes portion of the info page.

With the SetValueToInfo command, the value comes from a data, results or info table. You must first navigate to that table using the Goto script command. Then specify the row and column (and perhaps subcolumn) of the cell with the value you want to use, and which row of which info table you want to ‘paste’ that value into. Example:


SetValueToInfo 2, 4, 14, 0


From the table that a prior Goto script command has taken it to, find the X value (column 0) in row 14. Put a copy of that value in the fourth row of the second info table.