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Exporting a graph or layout

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ExportWMF [filename] <CLEAR> (Windows only)

ExportEMF [filename] <CLEAR> (Windows only)

ExportTIF [filename] <resolution> <mode> <compress or LZW> <CLEAR>

ExportBMP [filename] <mode><resolution>

ExportPNG [filename] <resolution><CLEAR>

ExportJPG [filename] <mode> <resolution>

ExportEPS [filename] <mode> <CLEAR> <nofonts>

ExportPDF [filename]   <mode> <CLEAR>

ExportAllPDF [filename]   <mode> <CLEAR>



For the formats that let you set resolution (dots per inch), enter 100, 300, 600 or 1200. You cannot enter other values. The default is 300 dpi.

For EPS or PDF export, set the mode to “RGB” (256 colors, default), “CMYK” or “Grayscale” 

For TIFF export, set the mode to “RGBlow” (256 colors, 8 bits), “RGBhi” (millions of colors, 24 bits), “CMYK” (default), “GRAY” or “MONO”. Note that “MONO” means black and white only, with no grays. CMYK and RGB are two ways of denoting colors.

For TIF export, include the "compress" option to save the file using "PackBits" compression, which will make the file smaller but perhaps less compatible. Or use the "LZW" option (Windows only) to compress using the Lempel-Ziv-Welch algorithm, which doesn't compress quite as well as PackBits, but may be more compatible with some programs.

For EPS export, choose nofonts to not include fonts. This makes the EPS file smaller and more compatible, but requires that the same fonts be present on the computer used to import the file.

If your page has a colored background, you will see that background in the exported file, unless you include the parameter "CLEAR" to export the graph or layout with no background color (only allowed for some formats).

For all export commands, Prism will use the SetPath location if you don't specify disk and directory.

ExportPDF exports the current graph or layout.

ExportAllPdf exports all the graphs (or all the layouts) into one multipage file.



If you use “%F” to export a file with the same name as the imported data table, remember to append an extension. For example “ExportWMF %F.WMF “.




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