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How to learn Prism

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Browse the Statistics and Regression guides

This Prism Guide is only one of three guides. Check out the other two. Both do more than explain how to use Prism. They also explain the concepts of data analysis.

GraphPad Statistics Guide

GraphPad Curve Fitting Guide


Step by step tours

Read this one page tour, which will take about five minutes to follow.

Then follow longer detailed tutorials focused on statistical analysis and curve fitting with step-by-step instructions.

Work with tutorial data sets

Choose these from the Welcome (File..New) dialog. After choosing one of the eight kinds of tables, choose "Start with sample data to follow a tutorial". Each sample data set comes with brief instructions, and links to longer explanations.



Descriptive statistics

Column statistics

Frequency distribution


Compare two groups

Unpaired t test from raw data

Paired t test

Mann-Whitney test

Wilcoxon matched pairs test


Categorical outcomes

Contingency table analysis

Survival analysis


Diagnostic lab tests

ROC curve

Bland-Altman plot


Nonlinear regression

Fitting an enzyme kinetics curve

Comparing two enzyme kinetics models

Automatic outlier elimination (exponential decay)

Global nonlinear regression (dose-response curves)

Ambiguous fit (dose-response)



Explore the graph portfolio


Choose the Portfolio tab at the bottom of  the Welcome (File..New) dialog to browse dozens of polished graphs, each of which demonstrates several Prism features. When you open a portfolio graph, you'll see a brief explanation of how that graph was made, and can explore the details. Many of these portfolio graphs are linked to step-by-step instructions. Others give brief explanations. Exploring these files will help you master graphing with Prism.

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