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Missing values

Missing values

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Missing values

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When entering data, simply leave a blank spot for any value that is missing. Excluded values are treated exactly the same as missing values.  

Prism never ever treats an empty cell as if you had entered zero -- it always knows that is a missing value. It will analyze the data if it can, and leave analysis results blank when it cannot. Similarly, it never treats a zero as a missing value.

The details of how Prism handles missing values differs for various statistical tests.


hmtoggle_plus1Unpaired t test; Mann-Whitney test; Ordinary one-way ANOVA; Kruskal Wallis test



hmtoggle_plus1Paired t or Wilcoxon matched pairs test; repeated measures one-way ANOVA



hmtoggle_plus1 Ordinary two-way (not repeated measures) ANOVA -- Enter raw data


hmtoggle_plus1Ordinary two-way (not repeated measures) ANOVA -- Enter mean, SD (or SEM) and N


hmtoggle_plus1 Repeated measures ANOVA


hmtoggle_plus1 Linear and nonlinear regression


hmtoggle_plus1Survival curves