GraphPad Prism 8 User Guide

Printing data and results tables

Printing data and results tables

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Printing data and results tables

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Choose font size

Change the font size to control the size of the print on the page, and thus the number of pages needed to print a table. To do so, click the Zoom buttons. Or use the keyboard shortcuts: Use Smaller Font (Ctrl-J), Use Larger Font (Ctrl-M)

zoom buttons

Note these buttons work differently in data and results tables than they do in graphs and layouts. When you are working with a table, the zoom buttons change the actual size of the font used, which will then change the size of the printed table.  When working with a graph or layout, these buttons simply zoom what you see on screen, but do not change the actual size of the graph or layout when printed.

Portrait vs. landscape

Save paper, with some tables, by changing the Landscape/Portrait orientation when printing data tables, results, and info sheets. Go to File… Printer Setup for Windows (File… Page Setup for Mac). A single setting applies to all data tables, results sheets, and info pages in the entire project.

While you can change graphs and layouts from portrait to landscape orientation, you cannot o so on data or results tables.

Change column widths

Reduce column widths by positioning the cursor between column headings, and dragging to squeeze more onto each printed page.

Printing preferences

These options on the File & Printer tab of the Preferences dialog affect printing of tables.

Print grid lines on tables -- Check this box to include the horizontal and vertical lines on data and results tables. Omit it for a cleaner look.

Print row and column labels -- When printing data tables, print the row numbers on the left of every page and the column letters on top of every page.

Print the sheet name as header -- Print the sheet name, file name, and date on each page as a header. You'll probably want this header on pages placed in your notebook, but not on graphs submitted for publication.