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Embedding results on a graph

Embedding results on a graph

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Embedding results on a graph

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You can copy any part of a results table and paste it onto a Prism graph or layout. The link will be 'live' so will be updated if you edit the data or change the analysis parameters.

embed table


Double-click on the embedded table to bring up a dialog that will let you adjust its font, borders, etc.

When you copy a single cell of a table, you have two choices when pasting:

Paste as text -- First use Prism's Text tool to create a text box, then paste a results sheet value into it. In this case, the value you copied will be pasted as text, with no link back to the analysis.


text tool buttons

embed one results value

Paste as link -- If you paste directly onto the graph or layout (not while entering text), you will paste an embedded table (with one cell) that will automatically update when the results are recomputed.