GraphPad Prism 8 User Guide

Changing the zoom

Changing the zoom

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Changing the zoom

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Zoom buttons

Use the Zoom buttons located on the lower right side of the Prism window to enlarge or shrink the view of the current sheet. You can also use the Zoom tools to make thumbnails in the Gallery larger or smaller.

zoom buttons

On graph and layout sheets, Zooming lets you see more or less of the sheet, but doesn't change the size of the graph or layout when printed. Click here to find out how to actually resize graphs and layouts.

On data tables and analysis results sheets, the Zoom buttons not only change what you see, but they also actually change the size of the font Prism uses when you print. If you want to get more of your data table on a printed page, Zoom Out to make the font smaller.

Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut: Hold the Ctrl key and press M to zoom larger or J to zoom smaller.

Mac gestures

Starting with release 6.0c (and if you use Lion or later), you can zoom Prism Mac by pinching with two fingers, but only if that gesture is turned on in the Trackpad control panel. You can also smart zoom by double tapping with two fingers. Depending on where you tap, that will zoom you in to see the entire page, the graph plus all other objects on the page, or just the graph.